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Behind The Firewall

Smita Sharma

  Behind the Firewall with Smita Sharma,

  in collaboration with GP Pro Camera Store

           Saturday | June 17, 2023

           Time - 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM 

           GP Pro Camera Store, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Who can attend - This session is free and open to all.

Registration is compulsory.

Reporting time: 4 PM


For queries, contact +91 8076273963 / 7042386597


About thSession


Join us for an interactive conversation on 'Sustaining a Long-Term Project' and an artist talk with award-winning photojournalist and visual storyteller Smita Sharma. She will also talk about her book 'We Cry in Silence' and the seven-year-long process that led up to it.

About the Speaker

Smita Sharma is an award-winning photojournalist and visual storyteller whose work centres on the traumatised and forgotten voices of those subjected to human rights abuses, especially victims of sex crimes, human trafficking and environmental issues in the Global South. Smita is a TED fellow, TED Speaker and IWMF reporting fellow. For Stolen Lives, her in-depth work documenting sex trafficking in India and Bangladesh for National Geographic Magazine, she received the Amnesty International Media UK award and the Fetisov Journalism Award, Switzerland. Her work has been published in various places like The New York Times, TIME, ELLE UK, and The Wall Street Journal, amongst many others and exhibited globally including at the UN Headquarters in New York. She is actively engaged in public speaking, victim advocacy and international public education. 

Book - We Cry In Silence

Project description : 'We Cry In Silence' is Smita Sharma's seven-year long investigation on cross-border trafficking of minor girls across India, Bangladesh and Nepal for sex work and also a chapter on the under-reported issue of trafficking of indigenous girls for domestic servitude. The project focuses on the highly organized trafficking network, unveils the vulnerability of these girls and highlights the reasons of what makes them easy prey to the designs of the traffickers. The project aims to understand this complex issue and open a dialogue to galvanise people to work towards solutions. The multi-lingual photo book published by FotoEvidence, France also includes illustrations, resources and other material that is aimed to educate people about this global complex crime.


Book (Front Cover) - We Cry In Silence


Stolen Lives

M, who is now 18, waits for a train with her cousin in South 24 Parganas, a largely poor district in West Bengal with a high incidence of trafficking. A man M. met in a class sold her to a brothel in Delhi. She managed to call her father and was rescued by police with help from a nonprofit called Shakti Vahini. “This incident is a dark episode in my life,” M. said. “When I came home, I was scared and ashamed. But I am not afraid anymore.”


A., who is now 19, eloped with a man several years ago. After she overheard him making plans to sell her to a brothel in Kolkata, she managed to escape. She was found at the railway station in Canning, West Bengal, India by representatives of Childline, an organization that helps children in distress. She was then taken to a shelter where she was counselled by mental health experts.  

A few months later she was reunited with her family.


Smita Sharma - Behind the Scene

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