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Behind The Firewall



  Behind the Firewall with Adil Hasan,

  in collaboration with GP Pro Camera Store

             Saturday | 5th August, 2023
              4:30 PM to 6:00 PM 

              GP Pro Camera Store, 3rd floor

              Lajpat Nagar - II, Delhi

Who can attend - This session is free and open to all.

Registration is compulsory.

Reporting time: 4 PM


For queries, contact +91 8076273963 / 7042386597


About the Session


Adil Hasan in conversation with Astitva Photo Team - Garima Agarwal and Jai Thakur, where they will be discussing about Adil's photographic practice, his journey so far and his book 'When Abba Was ill'. 


In today’s world of digital media, BEHIND THE FIREWALL is a space for serious practitioners of the photography profession. It’s an interactive platform for learning and sharing between new professionals and established experts of the industry.

About the Speaker

Adil is a photographer based in New Delhi, India. He completed his photographic studies from Auckland, New Zealand. The themes he regularly explores and engages in his own work deal with time, death, and the shifting landscape that is memory. His constructed images are often, even to him, more like found images, sometimes gestating for years in bags of unprocessed film, or discovered in the memory banks of old phone cameras.

His first book WHEN ABBA WAS ILL was launched at the Jaipur Literature Festival, 2014, a cathartic rendition of the last 6 months of his father’s life. 

He is currently working on 3 new books. 

Book - When Abba Was ill (edition 700)

Text by Adil -

My father was diagnosed with cancer in May 2012.

At the time these images had been taken, I’d been telling myself that it was to be a recording of how my father would fight, how my family would see him through this horrible time, of my mother’s love for him.

It took some time for us to realize that it was a malignant, fairly advanced and a viciously growing tumor. It took us his death to realise that there never ever had been any hope.

He passed away in November, the same year, in the industrial town he lived and worked.
I guess all things pass.
Often slowly… and sometimes abruptly.

In time my memory congealed into vague impressions of what I thought I saw, blurred and faded. These photographs are almost all I now remember.

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