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In our early days of practice, we struggled to find guidance in photography. Furthermore, approaching senior photographers/artists for guidance can be intimidating. As a result, we 'Garima Agarwal' and 'Jai Thakur' collaborated to create a platform where photographers and visual artists can come together and share their expertise, and others can reach out to them without hesitation for any kind of guidance. We 'Astitva Photo' strive to create a community, share information, provide support, offer photography services, and foster an inclusive environment.

Over the course of approximately a decade in the industry, we have held a number of workshops, exhibitions, talks, and exclusive photo trips. In addition, judged photography competitions in India and abroad, including the New York Photography Awards, Muse Photography Awards, European Photography Awards, and London Photography Awards, to name a few. We've been hired by organizations and individuals to photograph events, community socio-economic situations, weddings, products, and family portraits.

We both believe that the ultimate purpose of life is to "give back to the society and grow together"


Garima Agarwal - Profile

Garima Agarwal

Team Member


Garima Agarwal, a postgraduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, is an independent photographer from Delhi. Her primary interests include children, education, mental health, and inspiring human tales. She's worked on a variety of campaigns, brochures, NGOs, and documentary projects for Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR). She has always been motivated by the belief that education is crucial in defining one's life; as a result, the majority of her work focuses on education, children, and related mental health issues.

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Team Member


Jai Thakur is an Independent Photographer from India. His practice investigates the conflicts that exist within society and within himself, as well as the connection between the two. He works as a Research Analyst during the day, and in his spare time, he practices photography. He has been a member of Diversify Photo since 2022. For his efforts in raising awareness about river conservation, he was awarded 'Water Hero' by Govt. of India and appeared in the MX Player web series "Express Yourself".

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Parthiv Goel


Parthiv Goel is both a passionate photographer and an entrepreneur. Over the past decade he has been exploring various photography genres including event, street, wedding, portrait, and wildlife. He owns and managers GP Pro – a multi-brand outlet for photography equipment. He is actively involved in bringing the photography community together by partnering in events, workshops, and offering a learning and studio setup under the banner of GP Pro.


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We don't have a physical office, but we enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee or tea.  Call us and we'll meet!

If you want to collaborate, share ideas, or support us in any way, send us an email at


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Location: New Delhi, India


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