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Astitva Photo, founded in 2022 is a non-profit, community-driven initiative dedicated to empowering and supporting emerging photographers and visual artists. Founded by photographers, Garima Agarwal and Jai Thakur, our initiative is built on the belief that this form of art has the power to bring a community of artists together and bridge the gap that existed in the structure between amateurs and professionals.

Our objective is to nurture and promote emerging photographers and visual artists while fostering a sense of community, inclusivity, and creativity within the medium of visual arts. We achieve this through various activities and programs designed to provide opportunities for interaction with industry experts and working professionals in the field. Some of the key activities and programs offered by Astitva Photo include Behind the Firewall (Artist Talks), and Discussion on Photo Books. Learning/Interviews, Travel Workshops, Guided Photo Walks, Outreach Programs, and others.


Behind the firewall

behind the firewall


behind the book

peer-to-peer learning

Travel workshop

travel workshops

Media Coverage



  Its an amazing ongoing session which has been structured very well in terms of interaction/presentation and the organization as well as the training is seamless

corporate workshop

This has been a great session in every sense. This has given great understanding of the technical domain of photography and also has given good knowledge of what and how photography works. 

photo talk

 Today was my first class. The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging. He ensured all the participants contribute towards the discussion. I learnt new concepts and techniques related to travel photography.

mobile phone photography workshop

My work has been reviewed by the team and it helped me in understanding the art behind photography and how to improve as a photographer. Thank you for guiding me through.

portfolio review

 Sessions are quite helpful and full of knowledge, need to appreciate the trainer as he has been very patient with all of us for our queries and very small basic questions

corporate workshop

 Oh.. .it is GREAT. The things I learned so far are eye-opening, especially since I'm moving from SLR to DSLR mode. The facilitator is very knowledgeable and explains everything with great simplicity. Looking forward to more such sessions :-)

photo talk

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